2016 Q3 - Mindset, Deep Work, Kitchen Confidential

Mindset by Carol Dweck

Perspective matters, and according to Dweck, it matters much more than you might think it does. This book is essentially about how to develop an anti-fragile mindset; Dweck’s “growth mindset” is one of those universal principles that crosses all disciplines and influences every aspect of your life - both professionally and personally. It is simple, powerful, and permeating.


Deep Work by Cal Newport

This book weaves into a very similar earlier book recommendation - “Essentialism”. It’s all about focusing your efforts to allow you ample opportunity to produce high quality work (“deep work”), and reduce or eliminate “shallow work”. The book is divided into 2 halves. The first half provides the context of “deep work” - the “what” and “why”. It’s an instructive and informative read that includes a mix of stories, anecdotes, and references to research. The second half is all about practicality - i.e. how you can do “deep work”. The recommendations are intensely applicable...seemingly simple, not easy, but likely very worthwhile. It might be worth it to pick up the audio version, as well as print/kindle, to allow the material to sink in. This is my first book by Cal Newport; and, it makes me want to read some of his earlier books.


Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

Yes, that Anthony Bourdain of No Reservations fame. If you’ve enjoyed Tony’s commentary - creative, shocking, vile, and lovable as it is - then, you’re probably going to enjoy this tell-all vulgar honest account of what it takes to become a chef, run a kitchen of raging hooligans, and live through the trials & triumphs of chefdom. The book read exactly like Tony’s TV personality: genuinely in love with food and everything that has to do with food.


Favorite Articles of the Quarter:

In The Future, Our Attention Will Be Sold by Mark Manson

Life in Circadia by Jessa Gamble

How Trauma Can Change You—For the Better by Jim Rendon (pair with Mindset)

The Importance of Being Different by Francois Sicart of Tocqueville Asset Management

Eisenhower Quote: “Don’t let the urgent overcome the important.” from Attention Scarcity, Ego Depletion, and Poverty by Alex Tabarrok

Tim Duncan Departs, Brilliant, Without Vanity: about Tim’s humble exit from the NBA.

Productivity is Really about what You Don't Do by Jocelyn Glei

The Joy and Freedom of Working Until Death by Kent Thune

Don’t miss this one: “Starve Cancer to Death” - original article & unpublished material by Sam Apple
How To Do What You Love by Paul Graham

Jason Boddu